Sunday, July 22, 2012

Because she's my friend

Because she's my friend, I've hijacked the Saubers' blog to tell you some stuff she won't tell you herself!
My name is Chrissy and I blog over at Injera and Chocolate Gravy
I've known the Saubers family for 4 years now and I've grown to love this crazy bunch of people as much as though her children are my own!

Thursday night, a birth mom/first mom here in our area was admitted to the hospital to have an emergency C-section. Shortly after that, Baby T was born weighing in at a tiny 3lbs!
(Not sure how much info she wants shared at this point... so we will call him BabyT! Kinda like Mr. T... he's a fighter! More on that...)

Shauna and Jeff drove down the next day to go see the baby who was transferred to a hospital with better services for his specific needs. They have been there ever since.

Now... anyone who knows Shauna and Jeff knows they HATE asking for help. Shauna would rather die than ask me to pick up a gallon of milk for her... so I know this adoption-fundraising thing has her COMPLETELY out of her comfort zone. I'm here to tell you... you can seriously bless this family out of your surplus and help bring this baby boy home to the family who absolutely adores him!

He has some heart "stuff" going on and it was pretty tense earlier today. The phrase "make some tough decisions" was overheard, but we believe that only God can determine the number of days we have... and today was NOT Baby T's day! He fought those numbers on the machine and bounced back with vengeance! AMAZING!

So let me just say...
I have seen this sweet boy!!
The fact that he is HERE is a miracle of God.
He has the sweetest little face... the cutest tiny nose I've EVER seen (and I have 12 kids.. I've seen a bunch of noses!)... and a head full of blonde hair!
You WANT to be a part of the miracle in the making going on here!
You WANT to help this family bring him home...
because soon, she can share pictures on her blog...
and show the whole world how gorgeous this extra chromosome can be
and how loved this beautiful little boy is
and how much LIFE and JOY he adds to the world just by being here!!
You want to be a part of this in any small way possible!

Join in.
Pitch in.
Chip in... right there on the side bar.
Then leave a super sweet comment for Shauna to store up and treasure in her heart.

Baby T... Ms. Chrissy is SO proud of you for working so hard today!! You are one tough cookie!! Come home soon, baby boy!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A little help from our friends...

I don't even want to talk about this..... I don't like to ask for things, or ask for help, or ask for anything.....BUT this is big. This is our child we are talking about. They are out there, somewhere. Waiting for mommmy and daddy to come to take them home. I would hate to stand at the gates of Heaven and say, "but, we didn't have enough money!". If you are so inclined..... Thank you. Really.....thank you. You can't imagine what this means to our family.