Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Black Friday/12 Days of Christmas Superfantabulous Giveaway!

Ok folks, I am really, really excited about this! We are having our first giveaway and I am a little nervous! I have never done a giveaway! If it was a silent auction for my favorite charity *cough*Best Buddies*cough*.....well, I help with that every year and could do it with my eyes closed! So this is a little new for me!

Here's the deal, we still need a lot of money to go get our little man! Like, a LOT. Right now we have a large chunk that we will need to have very soon to get our dossier on it's way across the ocean. We are doing everything in our power to raise this money. We don't like to ask for help. Ever. But this is a little different and a little boy is waiting in an orphanage.....waiting to come home and be loved.....waiting for his family.

So what better way to help bring him home and give you something in return to show our appreciation?

Here is how works.....

You can earn 3 entries a day just by sharing this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or your blog. You have to then come back here, comment how you shared and leave a working email that I can contact you at if you win.

Want even more chances to win? No problem! Just donate to our adoption fund via the Paypal button or to make a tax deductible donation, use our FSP account. If you donate through the Paypal button we will double your entries!

Here is how you can earn more chances:

$ 5 = 1 chance
$10 = 2 chances
$15 = 3 chances
$20 = 4 chances
$25 = 6 chances
$50 = 15 chances
$100 =35 chances

Wanna know what you can get??? It's awesome.....really awesome! I feel like's like Shauna's Favorite Things round here!

Oh, wanna know what we are giving away!

                                      A brand spankin' new iPad Mini!


Want more??? Ok, ok.....IF we hit $1500 in donations we will add another item! Did you hear that? Another. Item. This one is something that I use every single day and can not live without! I love it more than my luggage.....any Steel Magnolia's fans out there? No? Sorry, I'm easily distracted!

                                   A Keurig Special Edition Brewer!


So get busy! Share away! Donate now! We are running this giveaway until December 12th! Make sure to come back and comment on this blog post so I know how many entries you have! Don't forget to leave your email address or I can't contact you if you win!

Thank you so much! It's really hard to put ourselves out there and ask for help and we want to know how much we appreciate all of your help and support!

*I HATE to have a disclaimer, BUT.....we are having to pay for these items out of our own pocket, they are brand new and have not been donated. We will have to have a "reserve" on the giveaway. We need to reach $850 to break even and make something to help bring our sweet boy home! Thank you for understanding!


  1. Yay! I shared on FB and I'm going to win. Just sayin' I'm winnin'! ;o) Blessings to you Saubers Family. You are loved! Trish

  2. I shared on FB and donated through PayPal for a total of 9 entries. :)

  3. Shared on FB. Happy Thanksgiving! kawitschen at yahoo dot com

  4. Just tweeted it and posted it on the We Have Room FB page. :) Praying you are blessed by lots of entries and donations!!!

  5. Wish I could afford to donate but I DID tweet for a total of 3 entries :) I'm wishing the best for you!!



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