Monday, January 14, 2013

What's New

So I haven't posted in FOREVER. Mainly because I am busy and a little because I'm tired. Tired of this  process. Tired of waiting. Tired of our boy being in an orphanage. Coffee doesn't fix this tired.

Some HUGE things have happened since my last post. Things I can't talk about....yet! But very good things! Seriously, don't you hate it when people do that? I do, yet I just did it. Hypocrite.

So, as of today I am finishing the last things up for our dossier. We are waiting for our blood work to get back. We had to re-do our physicals because we had them done almost a year ago and, apparently they "expire". Those should be all done on Friday. We will get  all of the dossier papers notarized and then apostilled (come ON....we have to notarize the fact that our notary is real??? So weird!), which luckily, we can walk in to the Capitol and have done very quickly!

The kicker? We have to do this now. Like NOW. The dossier has to go ASAP! And we are $8000 short. Our homestudy approves us for a child "up to 3", well, the little Mr. turns 3 on March 3. IF we don't get the dossier in and get our referral back by his birthday, his country will say that we aren't approved for a child "3 and up". Makes me want to voh-meet, as my friend's son would say. We would have to re-do a lot of stuff.....homestudy update and a new USCIS approval. Which means more money and more time. We have applied for several grants, but it is a timing thing right now. We are gonna either have to put our little boy on a credit card or take out a loan. Sorry Dave Ramsey, we have completely failed you. 

BUT a little boy's life hangs in the balance. He needs to come home. Soon. He's waited long enough.

And if you happen to know Dave Ramsey, ask him if he wouldn't mind making a donation to our adoption. I know he's good for it! And it's tax deductible! ;0)

Ways to donate to our adoption.....yeah, I hate this part too!

We are signed up to be a FIG Family with Project Hopeful! This is a tax deductible way to donate to our family. We are able to access this money at any time, so it could be used for immediate needs, like our dossier!

Reece's Rainbow is another way to make a tax deductible donation to our family. We will get these funds when we are traveling to pick up our little man!

There is a link on the top left hand column of the blog. Not tax deductible, but we are able to access the money immediately.

You can also see the fundraising blog post for our Just Love Coffee fundraiser and 147 Million fundraiser!

THANK YOU! <3 We couldn't do this without your help and support. It truly does take a village! Our village rocks!

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