Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Big, slobbery tears of joy...

Today our social worker called.  I panicked. Why??? What did I do? Did something change? Did we wait too long? She's so nice and just casually started the conversation with "I was just wanting to check and see when you wanted to start your homestudy.....because it has been paid for."...   ...   ...   crickets...I think she was secretly enjoying it! I had no words. None. And I ALWAYS have words. I stammered and fell all over myself. What? How is that possible?  Who? Why? Stephanie went on to tell me that an "anonymous donor" had paid for our entire homestudy! In full! The whole thing! That is a lot of money, folks!

And you see, I think I know who this "anonymous donor" is....and we can never repay them. And I know they know how much we love them and thank them for this gift. This is beyond what we can comprehend. I watched in awe yesterday at family, friends and complete strangers blessed my friends.....and I stand in awe today as our family has been blessed. Thank you "anonymous donor"....I love you, "whoever" you are. You did an awesome thing today and it will never be forgotten.

I know this is far beyond eloquent and I am once again stammering all over myself...I just don't have words. All I can say is that it is a God thing. And He showed up big again!


  1. Many hugs! I'm finding myself tearing up at this news!

  2. Wonderful news. So happy for you!

  3. Yesssss...God put those desires in your heart and He will provide the means. So glad you're blogging about your journey!

  4. Yay. .yay. .God always takes care of our needs when we are faithful. :)


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