Friday, December 16, 2011

My very first blog post....EVER!

So my husband convinced me to start a blog. Yes! Let's blame Jeff! My favorite game! He was all are so witty and clever, such a great writer (he's still sucking up for me helping him with some papers while getting his Masters), you have great ideas...blah, blah, blah, BLECH! But then he pulled THE card. The "It's such a good way to document and remember funny stuff the kids said or did"card. I caved. Evil genius No, gonna stick with that....evil genius, that man. And because I know y'all want to live vicariously through me! Right???

So yeah, that did it. I'm always complaining that I forget so much about the kids and their childhood. I mean, surely I bathed them when they were little! And I know that I had to have taken them to the park a few times....I honestly can't remember small details like that any more. Maybe I will blame it on the genetic brain disorder, or the thyroid disease, or constant insomnia or the fact that I have given birth to 4 the size of a small calf. I usually try and post funny little stories about the kids on FB, but it is fairly annoying to go back through and find them. Sooooo, the perfect way to remember it. Blog it!

So here it is in all of its disturbing glory! I never wanted to put our family out there for people to pick apart. I mean, what if someone says something mean? I'll cry. Okay, so I cry over commercials and stray dogs. It's not my best trait.

 I'll warn you may be messy, or crazy, and definitely a little lame. I tend to ramble and am easily distracted by shiny things. Oh and did I mention the sarcasm? I could post daily or once every 93 days. I just don't know. But it could be pretty cool. I guess we will see.

We have a fairly unique story....4 children all with a genetic brain disorder that affects them all differently. Our kids have a glorious plethora of initials to stick behind their names and not one of them have even started college yet! Autism, ADHD, OCD, sensory processing disorder, apraxia, dyslexia, memory issues, sleep issues, speech impairment/delay....but wait, there's more! You name it, we probably have it! And the more different and rare, the better!  Our neurologist says we hit the brain disorder lottery! Woo hoo! AND we are in the early stages of adopting a child with Down Syndrome! Which honestly has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. I'm so stinkin' excited, it isn't even funny! I mean, how often does a dream come true??? Squee!  MUCH, much more on that subject later!

The evil genius My husband and I learned long ago that you must laugh and have sense of humor about raising kids with special needs. My motto is if you don't laugh, you'll cry. It is our coping mechanism. It has kept our marriage strong and our children well adjusted and still alive happy. See....there it is. Haha! Honestly though, our kids are awesome. And amazing. And beautiful. And exactly how God intended them to be. We are truly blessed.

And so it begins....I'm already rambling! Thanks for reading my VERY FIRST BLOG POST and not laughing too hard. Remember I cry easily...


  1. I loved reading your post! This is a great idea. I will be following.

  2. You are cracking me up! "Be nice, I cry easily!" LOL!!
    Crazy lady... no one is going to be mean to you on your blog!! And if they ARE mean... I will hunt them down like a dog. Promise! xoxo

  3. So I cry easily too and I look forward to reading your posts. I've enjoyed keeping up with you and your amazing family on FB and this will be even more fun. Your rationale about raising kids with special needs is what has kept me at my job for 20 years now--you can either cry or laugh, you might as well laugh! Hugs and I'll see you in (your) funny papers ;o)

  4. I am laughing right here with you... When not running down the road screaming...oh, wait, that was exercise.
    Great blog!


Be nice...remember I cry easily! ;0)