Monday, April 2, 2012

A little advice...

Today is World Autism Day... and as a mom of a precious little man with autism, the only thoughts I have are...

My son is not broken.
My son doesn't need a cure. 
My son doesn't need your pity. 
My son isn't a leper, he isn't diseased... he's a little boy with hopes and dreams, just like yours.  
You are missing out if you don't know my son. 
Our family is OK with him, just the way he is. 
Thank you for your advice...but at this point *I* AM an autism expert. 
Think before you speak...he isn't deaf and he knows what your words mean. 
You know a child with autism? Then you know ONE child with autism. 
You can't put autism in a "box" is an ever changing thing.
Learn about autism...knowledge is power. 
My son is a comedic genius and doesn't even mean to be.
No, my son is not Rainman.

NO he does not count cards...your Vegas jokes aren't appreciated. And I have heard every single one.
Everyone that knows my son, loves my son. 

Autism is not a death sentence. 
Our family has been blessed by him being in it, in  ways that you could never imagine.

My son is beautifully and wonderfully made by a God who loves him very much.

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