Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Things that make you go....WTH???

Apparently I have offended the masses (ok, ok...ONE person...and I use that term loosely) by all of my "ranting" about being a mom of special needs children. I need to "get over myself and live in the real world" because "not everyone cares about  people with special needs" so "stop ramming it down everybody's throats". Oh and while I'm at it I should "really, really shut up about adopting a child with Down Syndrome" because what??? "Do I want a medal or something cause I am such a saint" and I should really "stop begging for money and asking  everyone to donate to help with adoption expenses,  because it is my choice, no one is making me adopt...it's not anyone's problem but mine..." (ahem...1 garage sale sure doesn't sound like "begging" to me...but once again...I digress). I "really need to get a life and stop using my kids as an excuse and stop letting them use their "disabilities" as an excuse"...because "people in the real world don't like whiners and they are just going to be a drain on society" and I should really "do something good in the world and stop complaining so much".

Wow! Thanks for the tips...I'll hunt you down and...I'll keep those in mind.


  1. I see you've been introduced to the blog commenting trolls! You are now officially one of us! Welcome ;-)

  2. haha!!! I am sure Jesus is smiling down on you right now...He is the only one worth pleasing and I would say the Saubers family does that VERY WELL!!! LOVE YOU ALL


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