Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What Can I Do?

You all know my heart for children with Down Syndrome...especially orphans with Down Syndrome. I know that not everyone is able to adopt and I especially know that not everyone is as crazy as us that not everyone is able to adopt a child with Down Syndrome. I also know that most people don't spend their days agonizing over the pictures of children on Reece's Rainbow (check it are an awesome organization! But I warn you...if you have any shred of humanity in you, you'll UGLY cry!) like...ahem, some people do...

What I do know is that everyone has about 2 minutes to watch a video by a friend that is busting his tail, literally, to  help orphans with Down Syndrome. Watch the video and's that easy. You can read a little about what  Brady is doing here...

and then go here... the video and vote! 

You can also check out Brady's website at... 

It is that easy! Oh and since I am computer-challengened, you may have to copy and paste the link in your  browser...sorry! One more step, but worth it!

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